Which Game Has the Best Odds – Baccarat or Blackjack?

Both Blackjack and Baccarat are known for their low house edge and potential player odds. But here’s the big question, which game has the best odds – baccarat or blackjack? Even though both give out similar impression on this topic, there are some actual differences between the two especially in online casinos like Onlinecasinoqq288.com The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Learn the details below.

Which Game Has the Best Odds – Baccarat or Blackjack?


  • The Odds

Blackjack actually has the average lowest odds, which is 0.28%. It really is the lowest in comparison to other table games. If bettors use consistent strategy, it is possible for it to drop until 0.13%. However, some things do change the odds. In blackjack, there are several factors:

  • Where are you playing?

The continent you’re playing apparently counts too. In American Blackjack, dealers always check for 21 or take a hole card before player’s turn. It’s different in Europe, Asia, and Australia. They tend not to do that, though it still depends on each place’s rules. In European Blackjack, the odds can be knocked down up to 0.11% depending the dealer’s action.

  • Single decks

Unlike the usual eight deck standard, playing with just a single deck can drag the house edge to 0.48%. Please note that 21 would appear more often with single bet and hence the game becomes risky.

  • Hit split aces

By separating a pair of aces, the odds can improve to 0.19%. This can be taken to your advantage next time you receive a pair of aces.

  • 17 House Rule

Some casinos set for the dealers to stand with 17. These casinos have house edge dropped to 0.22%.

  • Advantages
  1. The gameplay is more entertaining and rewarding
  2. Player get three to two bonus payback, while dealers only got one on one
  3. Players can double their wages, dealers can’t double down
  4. Some casino ruled for dealers to stand on 17 according to 17 House Rule
  5. Players are allowed to split pairs


  • The Odds

There are several options and hence several house edge to define. With banker hand, it’s 1,17%. While player hand got 1,36% and tie bet got 14,4%. Also, the odds drop depending on how much decks used. Here’s the explanation:

  1. With a single shoe deck, the odds are 45,96% for banker, 44,68% for player, and 9,36% for tie.
  2. With four shoe deck, the odds are 45,88% for banker, 44,63% for player, and 9,49% for tie.
  3. With six shoe deck, the odds are 45,87% for banker, 44,63% for player, and 9,51% for tie.
  4. With standard eight shoe deck, the odds are 45,86% for banker, 44,62% for player, and 9,52% for tie.
  • Advantages

There are several advantages to earn as well by playing baccarat. At least the following points should be yours to experience.

  1. Baccarat is simple to play
  2. The bet range is really vast
  3. In baccarat you can sit and don’t have to pick the choices all the time
  4. You can bet for player or dealer to win. Dealers love when people bet for them.

So, which game has the best odds – baccarat or blackjack? Considering the house edge, blackjack would be the answer. However, note that there are external factors such as game play style, player’s advantages, and many others that can affect them. What’s truly best is fitting your strategies into the rules.

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