here are ways on how to dunk

What you need to become a stellar dunker!

There is no better elite move that draws an applaud from the crowd in basketball rather than a good slam dunk does. With this, you might want to become the next Michael Jordan. But indeed great dunkers are not born, they are created. In this way, you can actually say that the most stunning dunkers of all times have undergone through lots of trainngs and workouts. If you envision yourself on the same spot where you get in the crowd, What you need to become a stellar dunker! here are ways on how to dunk.

Choose smaller basket balls. If you are a beginner, you have to begin practicing how to dunk by using smaller balls. Why? A Smaller ball is easy to grip. In fact, you can actually palm it with your one hand.  Because of this, you can easily hold it with your dunking hand. In addition, you can also control your approach toward the basket.

What you need to become a stellar dunker!

What you need to become a stellar dunker!
What you need to become a stellar dunker!

Dribble. In order to get toward the basket, there is no way but to bounce the ball. When you are near to the basket, take the allowed steps. For a rule of a thumb, you should take at least two steps before taking off.  While you are on the air, hold the palm with your dunking hand. If you can palm it, it is better.

In taking off, you should beware of some violations. Take note that a good slam dunk will not count if you deviate from the rule. So whether you are into the hard court or into the midst of practicing, it is a good thing to follow the rules in basketball. In order to make a good take off toward the basket, all you need to do is to leap from the foot that is grounded to the floor opposite to the shooting hand. Next, have your arms extended to the rim and give a good slam with the ball while you are on the air.

Dunk using one hand. Though there are some pros who dunk using their two hands, it would be cool if you dunk it with only one hand. One very important tip for you. If you are practicing how to dunk, you should also find time to learn how to jump higher. Why? You cannot reach the basket if you will not make a good jump- that’s it. So if you want to maximize your dunking skill, couple it with an excellent jumping capability. One of the most common jumps is the vertical jump which makes the player look cool while slamming the ball on to the basket. Aside from jumping skill, you should also practice dribbling.

So if you want to be included in the history of national greatest dunkers, or at least from your locale, you need to learn the proper techniques on how to dunk. In this way, the tips above will surely lead you to a higher level of dunking. From an idle Jordan fan to an amazing dunker, pursue for the transformation by following the approaches cited and couple it with heart and iron will power.

Also, joining in a Basketball training program is obviously one of the ingredient to become a stellar player not just teaching you the basics of dunking but also get you well-informed about the other skills that are necessary inside the court. These programs highlight basketball fundamentals and they provide avenue for player to obtain the formula of winning every game. Basketball trainings are designed to hone individual skill and supports player whether they opt for basic or the most complicated basketball techniques. With this, basketball training program usually covers the following.

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