Over under Odds, Predictions and Tips for the Day

Below are all about over under odds, predictions and tips for the day that you can check out to get to know about this popular betting system Sportsqq288.com The biggest online sports betting site in Malaysia. Over under betting, which is also known as totals betting, is a bet that based on the total goals scored in a game.

Understanding the Terms

There are three main terms being used in this betting system. Take a look at them one by one

Over under Odds, Predictions and Tips for the Day

  • Over Under Line

Over Under line is a prediction that odd-makers made for each match. This line is used as the starting point from which bidder can place a bet, under or over. The most common over under line prediction is 2.5, 1.5 and 3.5.

Over under Odds, Predictions and Tips for the Day
Over under Odds, Predictions and Tips for the Day
  • Under Goal

Under goals is a prediction that bidder made which show lower score than over under line. For example: if the over under line is 2.5, under goal is any bets of 1 or 2 goals as the total score of the game.

  • Over Goal

Over goal is the opposite of under goals. It is a bidder prediction that set above the over under line. In the case of 2.5 line, over goal is any bets that predict 3 or more goals as the total score.

Few Things to Consider in Making Prediction

Before making your prediction, make sure that you prepare these:

  • Getting to know team’s statistic and true scoring potential

Having a deeper understanding and knowledge on team’s statistical data and true scoring potential is the result of patience and dedicated time on reading and analyzing. Consider at least the last 20 matches (or even more) to make your prediction as accurate as it can be. Integrate some categories within the statistical data that will help you making a better indication in order to get as precise prediction as you can.

  • Considering situational analysis

In making a prediction, things like season’s trend and home away advantage should be on your list. Those factors have the ability to affect the game result and somehow turn your profit into lost. By knowing this analysis, you will have an advantage that most bidders are failed to notice.

Tips You Can Follow

  • Choose the best league

In over under betting, choosing the best league might open your winning chance wider. Some are having higher scoring games than the other. Regularly browse the best league for over under betting in the internet.

  • Follow the rules

First, always keep your under goal bet not lower than 1.60 and your over goal not more than 2.20. Second, do not bet on the same particular team for more than twice in a row. These rules are applicable for almost all league.

Over under odds betting system is pretty simple right? By having the smart way to make prediction you can multiply your chance in winning the bet. Now, as you finish reading the information about over under odds, predictions and tips for the day, are you ready to place your bet?

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