5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting

5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting

Roulette is one of the most known betting games in some land base casino and even in some trusted online casino betting website like Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia. However, its popularity is also topped up with players’ difficulty to win due to the game pure randomness. That aside, there’re still ways to win over roulette. Here are the 5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting to help your chances with victory.

  1. Physics Roulette System

Our world runs with the law of science, and gambling is included. Therefore, predicting roulette result with science is a legal way to go. Variables such as the wheel’s speed and the ball’s movement can be counted up with physic to see your chances. There’s even software that could help bettors with this. However, to create a better chance of winning, you should count the chances for at least until the maximum house edge reached.

5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting

5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting
5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting
  1. Dealer Signature

For observer types, this is also a way to go. Some dealers, online or not, like to keep their wheel speed consistent. This can be taken to advantage by observing the play and counting the chances where the ball had stopped. Write down where the ball hit most. Due to the constant speed, the ball’s movement would be easily predicted, and hence, it is a better luck for you.

  1. Strategical Chip Placement

Oftentimes, bettors place their chips randomly. This is the worst mistake anyone could make and better be avoided. Why would you want to put your trust in random decision in stake of your fate? Start learning to put your chips correctly. The idea here is to make equal bet for both colors. If you’ve been observant, each row of the table has different number of red and black. Spread your bet for easier win or pick one row with the most spread color.

  1. Visual Ballistics

Are the systems above too confusing to comprehend? Then there’s a simple way to get through the game; eyeball it. This is a serious system that has same chances for winning. However, instead of raking your brain to get the right equation, this system is a practical habit that needs practice before used. The method is simple: watch the wheel spin and predict where the ball would fall near the end of it.

  1. Roulette computer

Now, this is pretty much cheating. However, you can use a device to predict where the ball will hit with the spin speed you currently play. This system requires the device and the software (they’re available online, but there’s option to build them yourself). This method will give up to 90% winning rate chances. However, since it’s literally cheating, some casinos ban it. In fact, less than half casinos on Earth allow its usage. So practice stealth if you want to use it. Getting caught means getting kicked.

These systems might not guarantee absolute victory. However, it would help getting more chances of winning better than roulette strategies, due to the game’s pure luck gameplay. Hopefully, these 5 Useful Betting Systems for Online Roulette Betting would help you getting the chances you deserved. Happy gambling and good luck!

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